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Benefits of Linen

Benefits of Linen

Once upon a time in history, Premium linen clothing was available only to the gentlefolk: monarchs, knights, lords… Not everyone had access to it.


Early in the 16th century, flax plants were widely cultivated and linen fabric was introduced to the masses, eventually developing into what we have today: a big variety of high-quality linen items that range from bedding to bath and needless to say, linen clothing! Those who love linen clothes say there is no other material they can imagine wearing, especially during the summer's humid heat. They even claim linen clothes have healing properties.


Is it all true? Why is linen so coveted, and what do other materials have that linen does not?


Almost nothing compares to the benefits of linen clothing and we've found at least nine.




Linen is known as the world's strongest natural fibre and is therefore far more durable than cotton. The strength of the fibre directly affects the strength of the fabric used in linen clothing. Thus, linen clothing is extremely durable.


It may last a few seasons for a cotton t-shirt, but a linen top or dress will last long after they are washed. Linen clothes won't lose their shape after being washed; in fact, they will become softer over time.


Linen fabric may not be indestructible, but it sure is resilient. If properly maintained, it could last generations without decomposing. That is without a doubt one of the benefits of wearing linen.

and hence in the long run, easier on the pocket...



Eco friendly and ethically made clothing is becoming increasingly fashionable, and we hope that trend continues. Linen apparel naturally comes into this category since flax plant farming is significantly more sustainable than that of cotton.


Flax plants are highly resilient, can take root in poor soil, but also need less water. Besides, every component of the flax plant is utilized to make a variety of items, ranging from clothes to varnishes to food.


Linen cloth also has a good biodegradable coefficient, so you won't be contributing to the world's rising mountains of textile waste. 

Ultimately, choosing linen clothes is a sustainable solution! 


Several folks distress from allergies and other skin issues, and they've likely noticed that some textiles aggravate their symptoms. This is because many textiles enable moisture to accumulate, creating the ideal environment for bacteria and microorganisms to thrive.


Well, that is not the case with LINEN!


Linen is extremely breathable, allowing air to travel freely and allowing moisture to evaporate quickly. That's not to suggest it's anti-allergic; it won't completely eliminate your allergies, but linen clothing and bedding are a safe bet for anyone suffering from discomfort, such as night sweats.

All Season

Linen apparel is obviously ideal for warmer months: it is light, airy, and moisture-wicking... However, people choose to wear linen clothing throughout the spring, autumn, and sometimes even winter.


Flax, which is used to produce linen, is also used to make home insulation goods. The reasons are the same as with clothing: flax and linen are natural insulators and therefore can release excess dampness.


So, while cotton or wool may initially make you feel warmer, it will also cause you to sweat. Linen clothing will keep heat from your body and discharge surplus heat, leaving you feeling comfortable and toasty.


All Occasion

Whether you're dressed up for a formal event, a workplace, or a casual, low-key approach, linen fabric has an intrinsic ability to complement any occasion.


Modern linen outfits come in a range of fascinating styles and can be worn with a number of accessories — straw hats, espadrilles, canvas bags in the hot and humid summer, loose-knit wool sweaters and leather jackets in the cooler months, you name it!

and finally... 


Super Comfy!

You've probably figured out that linen, being lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking, is at the top of the comfort apparel pyramid. One of the most well-known advantages of wearing linen is its comfort.


Linen clothing is often made with a loose fit, making it ideal for individuals of all ages, sizes, and shapes - wearing linen is never a negative option.


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