Our Story

Organo Linen is a socially-aware luxury brand dedicated to minimizing textile waste. Our focus is on providing top-notch materials and empowering customers to personalize their clothing while ensuring a perfect fit. Our skilled team of tailors pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you look fantastic in your custom-designed attire. By primarily producing garments on demand, we reduce excess inventory and minimize waste, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

  • Linen & Sustainability

    Linen, a fabric known for its ethical and sustainable properties, originates from the flax plant's stem, requiring fewer resources for cultivation. Our fabric consists entirely of linen sourced from European-grown flax, yet each piece possesses unique weight and texture variations.

    Benefits of Linen 
  • Linen Care

    Linen is a natural fabric that is durable, low maintenance, and resistant to bacteria, moths, and perspiration. Here are some tips on How to Wash, Dry, and Iron Linen Fabrics. By following these tips, you can keep your linen looking beautiful for years to come.

    Linen Care 
  • Giving Back

    We allocate 5% of sales revenue to support the Grace & Nelly Project, a non-profit committed to diminishing poverty in Mukombami Village by empowering and educating girls within the community. We are open to collaborating with other NGOs of your choice, so feel free to let us know!

    Grace & Nelly Project 
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